Early Learning Software For Elementary Schools:
Phonemic Awareness, Early Reading, Mathematics Manipulatives, Early Coding

Q. When will this site open?
A. This site will open in late 2016.

Q. When this site does open, where will I be able to get the software?
A. All software products will be available from Noodle Markets:  https://www.noodlemarkets.com/

Q. Are you an endowed and tenured professor of Instructional Technology with decades of teaching experience?
A. Yes. I've taught well over one thousand practicing teachers and thousands of university students. 

Q. If I'm interested in getting a 100% 12-month online accredited graduate degree in Educational/Instructional Technology, can I contact you directly?
A. Yes. Here's a summary with contact information:  http://ulm.edu/~beutner/EdTech/

Q. Who are you?
A. I love teaching and learning. I teach teachers... and develop early education software. Here's a professional description. 

Q. Do you intend to use income generated from the sale of software to advance educational goals?
A. Yes. 

Q. Have you developed and sold educational software before?
A. Yes. Before getting my doctorate in Instructional Technology, my software company, Beutner Multimedia Software Services, sold instructional CD-ROMs through the Boy Scouts of America. At that time, the software was unique because it incorporated interactive video-based instruction that could be viewed on a PC computer without installation. Over 10,000 CD-ROM titles were sold. It's still possible to find some of those CD-ROM software titles on Amazon.com.